Seba FR1 Inline Skate: A Well Made Mid-Range Skate for Freeride and Slalom: My Review

If you are looking for a mid-range freestyle skate that will glide through slalom cones, but also provide a solid ride whether on asphalt or the roller rink, the Seba FR1 is the skate for you.

Why I Chose the Seba FR1 Inline Skate:

When I ventured back into inline skating after a twenty year hiatus, I began with the Seba FRX 80. The FRX is Seba’s baseline entry level freeride skate. Although the FRX is well made and versatile for the beginner, the frame did not give the response that I wanted when doing slalom. After skating on them for about a year, I upgraded to the FR1, which is very much worth the extra cost if you really want the necessary mobility for slalom and other precision movements.

The Frame (through 2015 models):

The FR1 frame is upgraded from the entry level FRX model, and is much more responsive, making it easier to maneuver through slalom cones.

Note: Starting in 2016, Seba introduced a newer frame, the X2R, which allows front and back wheels to be rockered within the frame. This saves you from having to purchase smaller wheels for the front and back.


The Boot:

The biggest advantage of the FR1 boot over the FRX boot is the lower strap. The FRX strap is velcro, whereas the FR1 strap is buckled so that you can ratchet it tighter with more precision for a better fit.




Overall Value:

After skating in my FR1s for several years and over miles and miles of asphalt and concrete, I can say that they are a solid skate that takes abuse without breaking. These skates are rugged enough to handle a jump off a staircase, yet refined enough to glide through slalom cones.

==> Purchase the Seba FR1 80 here.


What Others Are Saying About The Seba FR1:

“There are some other brands of rollerblades that look very similar to these (won’t mention names) that just don’t have the attention to detail the Seba’s have. First off, they look sick. They have a “wider” stance, and have a nice open boot with a simple lacing system that works. Laces are just the right length which is cool too…hate it when there is 2 feet of extra lace. They’re very light, and super responsive.” ¬†– K.Lee

“The final verdict is that for freeride I definitely recommend them. I have to admit that the Seba guys really do good job and take into consideration the foot anatomy.” – Kiril L.

“Lots of control and comfort while riding this skate.” – Christian

==> See more information about the Seba FR1 skate here.